Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Engine - removal
Engine repair procedures - 1.6 and 1.8 litre 8 valve / Engine - removal

Carburettor equipped
1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Remove the bonnet.

3 Drain the engine coolant.

4 Position a suitable container beneath the engine, undo the sump drain plug and drain the engine oil - see Chapter 1. On completion clean the drain plug and refit it. Renew the O-ring.

5 Remove the radiator, together with the cooling fan. On models manufactured after 1986, remove the front panel before removing the radiator.

6 Remove the air cleaner unit then disconnect the throttle cable at the carburettor. Position the cable out of the way.

7 Where power steering is fitted, remove the hydraulic pump drivebelt. Unbolt the pump, belt tensioner and fluid reservoir and tie them to one side of the engine compartment.

8 Disconnect the following wiring connections, identifying each lead as it is detached to avoid confusion on reassembly: a) Alternator lead
b) Oil pressure switch lead(s) at cylinder head (see illustrations) and oil filter bracket c) Inlet manifold preheater thermo-switch lead
d) Choke cover thermo-switch lead (where applicable)
e) Ignition HT and LT leads f) Choke cover lead separate connector g) Coolant temperature sender unit lead h) Earth strap to gearbox (see illustration) and multi-function switch to gearbox i) Starter motor leads

5.8a Oil pressure switch location in rear of cylinder head
5.8a Oil pressure switch location in rear of cylinder head

5.8b Oil pressure switch location in filter mounting
5.8b Oil pressure switch location in filter mounting

5.8c Earth strap to gearbox
5.8c Earth strap to gearbox

9 Disconnect the fuel supply hose from the fuel pump and the fuel return hose (to the fuel tank). Plug the hoses to prevent fuel leakage.

10 Disconnect the coolant and heater hoses from the engine.

11 On manual gearbox models, disconnect the clutch cable.

12 Disconnect the following items from around the carburettor. Identify the connections where necessary to avoid confusion on reassembly: a) Thermotime valve
b) Idle/overrun cut-off valve c) Inlet manifold preheater separator connector
d) Part throttle channel heater separate connector
13 Disconnect the speedometer cable from the transmission.

14 Disconnect and remove the vacuum reservoir.

15 Disconnect the brake vacuum servo hoses and the vacuum hoses from the inlet manifold.

16 Undo and remove the gearbox mounting bolt.

17 Raise and support the vehicle on axle stands (see УJacking and vehicle supportФ), allowing sufficient clearance to work underneath.

18 Disconnect the manual gearbox linkage.

19 On automatic transmission models, select P (Park) then disconnect the throttle and selector cables from the transmission.

20 Disconnect the driveshafts from the gearbox and tie them up out of the way.

21 To disconnect the exhaust manifold to downpipe connection, VW tool no. 3049A will be required. Although it may be possible to prise the clips free to separate this joint, the tool will definitely be required to refit the springs.

22 The vehicle can now be lowered, the remaining removal operations being from above.

23 Attach a suitable sling and hoist to the engine/gearbox unit and take its weight.

24 Disconnect the rear engine bearer by undoing the three bolts (see illustration).

5.24 Engine rear bearer
5.24 Engine rear bearer

25 The engine/gearbox unit front mounting must now be detached by unscrewing and removing the single through-bolt. It may be necessary to further lift, lower or twist the unit to allow the through-bolt to be withdrawn (see illustration). Note that from December 1984, the front mounting is changed from the bonded rubber type to a СhydroТ type with damping action (see illustration).

5.25a Engine/gearbox unit front mounting
5.25a Engine/gearbox unit front mounting

5.25b Hydro-type front engine mounting
5.25b Hydro-type front engine mounting

Refer to Specifications for fastener torque wrench settings b, e and f

26 The engine/gearbox unit is now ready for lifting out but first make a final check that all cables, wiring and hoses are clear.

27 Have an assistant at hand to help guide the unit clear of the surrounding components in the engine compartment as it is lifted out.

The unit will have to be twisted slightly as it is raised. Once clear of the vehicle, lower it to the work surface.

Fuel injection equipped
28 On fuel injection equipped engines, the removal procedure closely follows that given for carburettor equipped engines. However, disregard those items concerning detachment of the carburettor and associated items. The following injection equipment items will need to be disconnected instead. Refer to Chapter 4 for further details:
29 Disconnect the wires from the warm-up valve (green connector) (see illustration).

5.29 Wiring connections to be detached - fuel injection models
5.29 Wiring connections to be detached - fuel injection models

1 Alternator
2 Warm-up valve
3 1.8 bar oil pressure switch 4 Oil temperature sender 5 Distributor HT cable (terminal 4) 6 Hall sender (distributor) 7 Vacuum switch
8 Coolant temperature sender 9 Thermotime switch
10 0.3 bar oil pressure switch 11 Cold start valve
12 Auxiliary air valve

30 Disconnect the wiring to the cold start valve (blue connector).

31 Disconnect the wiring to the auxiliary air valve.

32 Disconnect the throttle cable at the fast idle cam and bracket but do not remove the securing clip (see illustration).

5.32 Fuel injection components to be detached
5.32 Fuel injection components to be detached

1 Throttle cable
2 Cold start valve
3 Vacuum hoses
4 Air intake pipe
5 Injectors

33 Remove the cold start valve but leave the fuel lines connected. Place out of the way.

34 Disconnect the air inlet pipe at the flexible ducting attached to the throttle housing.

35 Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the inlet manifold and vacuum booster.

36 Leaving the fuel lines connected, undo the retaining bolts and withdraw the warm-up valve from the cylinder block. Position out of the way.

37 Detach the injectors from the cylinder head and plug the holes. Disconnect the injector lines from the locating bracket on the throttle housing and fold them out of the way.

38 Detach the vacuum hoses to the throttle housing T-piece connector location clip at the bulkhead. Fold the hoses back out of the way.

39 Disconnect the oil temperature switch sender lead (see illustration).

5.39 Oil temperature sender (arrowed)
5.39 Oil temperature sender (arrowed)

40 When lifting out the engine/gearbox unit, greater care will have to be taken in manoeuvring the unit from the engine compartment due to the close proximity of the air inlet manifold to the bulkhead. The unit will need to be pulled forwards first then twisted and lifted.

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