Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Cylinder head - removal
Engine repair procedures - 1.6 and 1.8 litre 8 valve / Cylinder head - removal

All engines
1 If the cylinder head is being removed with the engine out of the vehicle, proceed from paragraph 17. If the cylinder head is being removed with the engine in the vehicle, it is best removed with the inlet and exhaust manifolds. The manifolds can then be detached after removal of the cylinder head but note that a special tool is required to release (and subsequently reconnect) the exhaust downpipe-to-manifold flange retaining clips. A splined key will also be required to undo and tighten the cylinder head bolts.

2 Disconnect the battery earth lead. Drain the cooling system, then disconnect the cooling and heater hoses from the cylinder head.

3 Disconnect the thermoswitch and oil pressure lead connections.

4 On carburettor models, remove the air cleaner unit.

5 Disconnect the alternator from the cylinder head attachment brackets and remove the drivebelt.

6 If removing the manifolds with the cylinder head, disconnect the vacuum hose from the inlet manifold and the accelerator cable (and choke cable if applicable) from the carburettor.

7 Disconnect the HT leads from the spark plugs.

Fuel injection equipped engines 8 Detach the injector lines from the cylinder head and location clips and fold them back out of the way.

9 Disconnect the inlet duct at the flexible hose connection to the throttle valve housing.

10 Detach the vacuum hoses to the throttle valve housing and at the three-way connector on the bulkhead side of the cylinder head.

Fold back and secure the hoses out of the way.

11 Disconnect the auxiliary air valve lead from the underside of the inlet manifold and the auxiliary air valve hose to the flexible hose on the throttle valve housing.

12 Disconnect the servo vacuum hose from the green connector on the flexible hose on the throttle housing.

13 If air conditioning is fitted, detach the hoses from the auxiliary air valve and tube connections.

14 Detach the MFI hose at the servo hose valve connection.

15 Detach the wiring connector from the cold start valve.

All engines
16 Remove the timing cover and valve cover, then disconnect the timing belt from the camshaft sprocket.

17 Remove the camshaft.

18 Remove the cylinder head bolts. These are recessed in the well of the cylinder head and are socket-head bolts. They must be removed using the correct splined tool.

19 The cylinder head bolts must be unscrewed in a progressive manner and in the reverse sequence to that shown for tightening.

20 When all ten bolts have been removed, lift the head from the cylinder block. It may need a little tapping to loosen it but do not try to prise it loose by hammering in wedges. Lift off the gasket and, if the engine is not being dismantled, clean the piston crowns and block face. Note that the cylinder head bolts must not be re-used, a new set will need to be obtained when ordering the cylinder head gasket set.

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