Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Flywheel/driveplate - examination and renovation
Engine repair procedures - 1.6 and 1.8 litre 8 valve / Flywheel/driveplate - examination and renovation

1 Inspect the starter ring teeth. If these are chipped or worn then renew the starter ring.

This means heating the ring until it may be withdrawn from the flywheel, or alternatively, splitting it. A new one must then be shrunk on.

If you know how to do this and you can get a new ring then the job can be done but it is beyond the capacity of most owners.

2 Serious scoring on the flywheel clutch facing requires a new flywheel. Do not attempt to clean the scoring off with a scraper or emery. The face must be machined.

3 If it is necessary to fit a new flywheel, the ignition timing mark must be made by the owner. The new flywheel has only the TDC mark as an O on the outer face. Punch or scribe the appropriate timing mark for your model to the left of the TDC mark at the appropriate distance (see illustration).

27.3 Flywheel/driveplate ignition timing marks
27.3 Flywheel/driveplate ignition timing marks

4 On automatic transmission models, check the driveplate as described for the flywheel. It will also be necessary to mark a new driveplate for ignition timing.

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