Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Cooling fan and motor - removal and refitting
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems / Cooling fan and motor - removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Disconnect the wiring from the cooling fan motor and cowling. Note that as from January 1986, the wiring on all new cooling fan motors obtained from VW incorporates a standardised connector. Where necessary, the old connector must be cut from the main harness and the standardised part fitted instead. The relevant parts are obtainable from a VW dealer.

3 Remove the retaining bolts and screws and lift the cowling, together with the cooling fan and motor, from the radiator.

4 Remove the retaining nuts and withdraw the cooling fan and motor from the cowling (see illustration).

4.4 Cooling fan motor retaining nuts (arrowed)
4.4 Cooling fan motor retaining nuts (arrowed)

5 If necessary, the fan can be separated from the motor by prising off the clamp washer. On AEG motors drive out the roll pin. On Bosch motors remove the shake-proof washer.

Assemble the components in reverse order using a new clamp washer.

6 Refitting is a reversal of removal.

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