Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Overrun cut-off valve - testing
Fuel and exhaust systems - K-Jetronic fuel injection - 16 valve engines / Overrun cut-off valve - testing

1 With a tachometer connected, run the engine (hot) at 2500 rpm. Operate the throttle valve switch and check that the engine hunts (ie. its speed fluctuates). If not, let the engine idle, disconnect the valve wiring and connect a voltmeter to the terminals as shown (see illustration). Zero volts should be registered.

4.1 Checking overrun cut-off valve (1)
4.1 Checking overrun cut-off valve (1)

2 Increase the engine speed to 4000 rpm, then quickly close the throttle. At 1400 rpm, battery voltage should be indicated.

3 If necessary, renew the control unit which is located behind the centre console.

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