Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

System components - removal and refitting
Fuel and exhaust systems - Digijet fuel injection / System components - removal and refitting

By reference to the illustrations accompanying this Chapter, removal and refitting of the various components of the system are self explanatory. However, the following special points should be noted:
a) Observe the precautions described in Sections 1 and 2, Part B of this Chapter, whenever any parts of the system are to be removed and refitted.

b) To ensure correct reassembly, ensure that the routings and connections of the system wiring, fuel and vacuum components are noted prior to disconnection (see illustrations).

9.1a Vacuum hose identification
9.1a Vacuum hose identification

9.1b Air intake manifold and associated components
9.1b Air intake manifold and associated components

1 Intake hose
2 Clip
3 Elbow
4 Hose to regulating flap 5 Gasket
6 Idle speed adjusting screw 7 O-ring
8 Connector
9 Throttle valve switch
10 Angled connector
11 Throttle valve housing 12 Screw
13 Gasket
14 Brake servo vacuum connection 15 Bolt
16 Intake manifold
17 Auxiliary air valve
18 Bolt
19 Bracket
20 Vacuum hose (to ignition distributor) 21 Vacuum hose (to non-return valve) 22 Fast idle cam
23 Fuel pressure regulator hose

c) If the injector manifold is to be removed, it is first necessary to detach and remove the air inlet elbow complete with the throttle valve housing.

d) Any component O-rings and gaskets must be renewed.

e) The accelerator cable removal, refitting and adjustment procedures are as described in Part A of this Chapter.

f) The fuel tank and its associated components are removed in a similar manner to that described in Part A of this Chapter, the only difference being the feed line attachment to the gravity valve from the charcoal filter.

g) The fuel pump and its location is identical to that described in Part F of this Chapter.

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