Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Evaporative fuel control system
Fuel and exhaust systems - Digijet fuel injection / Evaporative fuel control system

1 The function of this system is to aid evaporative fuel control by collecting and recirculating the fuel vapours in the fuel tank to prevent them from escaping to the atmosphere (see illustration).

10.1 Activated charcoal filter system components
10.1 Activated charcoal filter system components

A Fuel tank vapour route when engine is idling or stopped B/C Fuel tank vapour route when engine is run above idle speed 1 Pipe (to fuel tank gravity valve in filler line) 2 Cut-off valve
3 Fixing screw
4 Activated charcoal canister 5 Throttle valve housing 6 Hose (auxiliary air valve/inlet manifold) 7 Hose (to ignition distributor)

2 When the engine is stopped or idling, fuel vapour is collected by the charcoal canister where it is stored until the engine is started and run above idle speed. The vapour is then transferred from the canister, through a cut-off valve, into the air filter and inlet manifold to be burnt off during the normal combustion process.

3 The charcoal canister is secured to the base of the air cleaner unit and access to it for inspection or renewal is possible after first removing the air cleaner.

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