Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Fuel pumps - testing
Fuel and exhaust systems - Digifant fuel injection / Fuel pumps - testing

Pre mid 1989
1 The main fuel pump is located in the accumulator housing beneath the rear of the vehicle. An additional lift pump is located in the fuel tank, together with the fuel gauge sender (see illustration).

12.1 Fuel pump and filter components
12.1 Fuel pump and filter components

2 With the engine stopped, have an assistant switch on the ignition. It should be possible to hear both pumps running for a short period. If not, check fuse 5 for continuity and also check all wiring connections.

3 With the ignition on, disconnect each wire connector from the pumps and check that there is a 12 volt supply by using a voltmeter.

4 Should there be no voltage at the pumps with the ignition switched on, the fuel pump relay (No 2 on fusebox) may be faulty. This is best checked by substituting a new relay.

From mid 1989
5 From mid 1989, certain models fitted with the Digifant system are fitted with a single fuel pump in the fuel tank rather than the previous arrangement described above. The pump can be tested in the same manner as that described for the previously fitted Уin-tankФ dual pump.

6 The fuel pump can be removed in a similar manner to that described for the fuel gauge sender unit in Part A of this Chapter, Section 8.

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