Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Coil - testing
Ignition system - contact breaker type / Coil - testing

1 The coil is located on the bulkhead under the plenum chamber (see illustration). It should be periodically wiped clean to prevent HT voltage loss through possible arcing.

9.1 Ignition coil location
9.1 Ignition coil location

2 To ensure that the correct HT polarity at the spark plugs, the coil LT leads must always be connected correctly. The ignition lead from the fusebox must be connected to the positive (+) terminal 15, and the distributor lead (usually green) must be connected to the negative (-) terminal 1. Incorrect connections can cause bad starting, misfiring, and short spark plug life.

3 Complete testing of the coil requires special equipment. However, if an ohmmeter is available, the primary and secondary winding resistances can be checked and compared with those specified. During testing, the LT and HT wires must be disconnected from the coil.

4 To test the primary winding, connect the ohmmeter between the two LT terminals. To test the secondary winding, connect the ohmmeter between the negative (-) terminal 1 and the HT terminal.

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