Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

General information and precautions
Ignition system - fully electronic type / General information and precautions

General information
The 1.8 litre 16 valve engine is fitted with a Fully Electronic Ignition (FEI) system (see illustration).

1.1 Fully Electronic Ignition system components
1.1 Fully Electronic Ignition system components

1 FEI control unit
2 Connector
3 Vacuum line
4 Throttle valve switch
5 Connector
6 TCI-H switch unit
7 Heat sink
8 Spark plug
9 Connector
10 HT lead
11 Ignition coil
12 Earth lead
13 Terminal 1 (–)
14 Terminal 4
15 Terminal 15 (+)
16 Earth lead
17 O-ring
18 Screw
19 Distributor
20 Dust cover
21 Rotor arm
22 Carbon brush and spring 23 Distributor cap
24 Suppression cap
25 Suppression connectors 26 Washer
27 Temperature sender
28 Connector

This system functions in a similar manner to the transistorised system described in Part B of this Chapter. In addition, it incorporates an electronic control unit which adjusts the ignition timing electronically according to engine speed, load and temperature. The distributor is not fitted with centrifugal and vacuum advance mechanisms.

The precautions listed in Parts A and B of this Chapter apply also to the FEI system.

Note also the following: a) A digital multi-meter should be used for testing, otherwise readings may be inaccurate
b) When using a multi-meter, do not switch between ranges during testing as this may damage components
c) Do not under any circumstances use a test lamp, as this will damage the electronic components of the system

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