Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Distributor - overhaul
Ignition system - fully electronic type / Distributor - overhaul

1 The only work likely to be necessary on the distributor is the renewal of the Hall sender which is available in kit form including a drive coupling, pin and circlip (see illustration).

8.1 FEI distributor components
8.1 FEI distributor components

2 If the rotor arm is defective, it must be removed by crushing with pliers as it is permanently fixed to the shaft with strong adhesive. Clean the shaft and secure the new rotor arm with adhesive obtained from a VW dealer.

3 To renew the Hall sender, first note the position of the drive coupling offset in relation to the rotor arm.

4 Support the drive coupling in a vice, then drive out the roll pin after removing the circlip.

5 Remove the coupling followed by the shims and plastic washer.

6 Remove the shaft complete with rotor arm, followed by the plastic dust cover, shim and plastic washer.

7 Remove the screws and lift the Hall sender from inside the distributor body.

8 Clean all the components, then fit the new Hall sender using a reversal of the removal procedure, but lubricate the shaft with a little grease.

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