Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Starting motor - testing
Starting and charging systems / Starting motor - testing

Note: The following test was carried out with the starter motor in the vehicle 1 If the starter motor fails to operate, first check the condition of the battery by switching on the headlamps. If they glow brightly, then gradually dim after a few seconds, the battery is in an uncharged condition.

2 If the battery is in good condition, check the wiring connections on the starter for security and also check the earth wire between the gearbox and body.

3 If the starter still fails to turn, use a voltmeter or 12 volt test lamp and leads to check that current is reaching the main terminal (terminal 30) on the starter solenoid.

4 With the ignition switched on and the ignition key in the start position, check that current is reaching the remaining terminals on the solenoid. Also check that an audible click is heard as the solenoid operates indicating that the internal contacts are closed and that current is available at the field windings terminal.

5 Failure to obtain current at terminal 50 indicates a faulty ignition switch.

6 If current at the correct voltage is available at the starter motor, yet it does not operate, the unit is faulty and should be removed for further investigation .

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