Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Starting motor - brush renewal
Starting and charging systems / Starting motor - brush renewal

1 With the starter motor removed from the vehicle, wipe clean its exterior around the end cover (see illustration).

11.1 Starting motor brush assembly (typical)
11.1 Starting motor brush assembly (typical)

1 Brushes
2 Brush holder
3 Bush
4 Shims
5 Circlip
6 Through-bolt
7 End cap

2 Remove the screws and lift off the end cap, then prise out the circlip and remove the shims whilst noting their fitted positions.

3 Unscrew the through-bolts and remove the end cover.

4 Lift the springs and remove the brushes from their holder.

5 Check each brush for excessive wear and if in doubt, renew the brushes as a set.

Compare them with new items if necessary.

6 To renew each brush, crush it with a pair of pliers and then clean its lead. Insert the lead into the new brush and splay out its end.

Solder the lead in position but grip the lead next to the brush with long-nosed pliers in order to prevent the solder penetrating the flexible section of the lead. File off any surplus solder.

7 Clean the commutator with a solventmoistened cloth and, if necessary, use fine glass paper to remove any carbon deposits. If the commutator is worn excessively, it cannot be machined and renewal is necessary.

8 Reassembly is a reversal of the dismantling procedure. Note that the unit must be sealed with suitable sealant on the surfaces shown (see illustration).

11.8 Surfaces to be sealed when reassembling starter motor
11.8 Surfaces to be sealed when reassembling starter motor

1 Solenoid securing screws 2 Starter/mounting surface 3 Solenoid joint
4 Starter/end cap joint
5 Through-bolts
6 Shaft cover joint and screws

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