Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Rear hub bearings - renewal
Braking system / Rear hub bearings - renewal

1 Remove the rear brake disc.

2 Remove the inner bearing from the disc by levering free the dust cap, prising out the oil seal and extracting the bearing.

3 The bearing outer races can be removed from the disc by drifting them out with a soft drift whilst supporting the disc.

4 Check that the bearing recesses in the disc are clean, support the disc and drive the new bearing outer races into position by using a suitable tube drift. Ensure that they are fully home.

5 Lubricate the inner bearing with grease and locate it onto its outer race. The oil seal can now be driven into position. Lubricate its seal lip when fitted.

6 Drive the dust cap into position using a suitable tube drift.

7 Refit the rear brake disc.

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