Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Rear brake cylinder - removal, overhaul and refitting
Braking system / Rear brake cylinder - removal, overhaul and refitting

1 Remove the rear brake shoes.

2 If available, fit a hose clamp to the flexible brake hose. Alternatively, remove the fluid reservoir filler cap and tighten it down onto a piece of polythene sheet in order to reduce any loss of hydraulic fluid.

3 Unscrew the hydraulic pipe union from the rear of the cylinder and plug the end of the pipe.

4 Remove the two screws and withdraw the wheel cylinder from the backplate.

5 Prise off the dust caps then remove the pistons, keeping them identified for location. If necessary, use air pressure from a foot pump in the fluid inlet (see illustration).

7.5 Rear wheel cylinder components (typical)
7.5 Rear wheel cylinder components (typical)

1 Boot
2 Piston
3 Cap
4 Spring
5 Brake cylinder housing 6 Dust cap
7 Bleed valve

6 Remove the internal spring and, if necessary, unscrew the bleed valve.

7 Clean all components in methylated spirit and allow to dry. Examine the surfaces of the piston and cylinder bore for wear, scoring and corrosion. If evident, renew the complete wheel cylinder. If the components are in good condition, discard the seals and obtain a repair kit.

8 Dip the inner seals in clean brake fluid then fit them to the piston grooves using the fingers only to manipulate them. Ensure that the larger diameter ends face the inner ends of the pistons.

9 Smear brake fluid on the pistons then insert the spring and press the pistons into the cylinder, taking care not to damage the seal lips.

10 Locate the dust caps on the pistons and in the grooves on the outside of the cylinder.

11 Insert and tighten the bleed valve.

12 Clean the mating faces then fit the wheel cylinder to the backplate and tighten the screws.

and pushrod assembly
13 Refit the hydraulic pipe and tighten the union. Remove the hose clamp or polythene sheet.

14 Refit the brake shoes.

15 Top-up the brake fluid reservoir and bleed the valves.

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