Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Master cylinder - removal and refitting
Braking system / Master cylinder - removal and refitting

1 Disconnect the battery negative lead.

2 Disconnect the wiring from the fluid level switches on the master cylinder and fluid reservoir filler cap.

3 On carburettor models, remove the air cleaner.

4 On fuel injection models, detach the injection hoses from the retaining clips on the inlet ducting, then unclip and detach the inlet duct between the fuel distributor unit and the throttle housing.

5 Place a suitable container beneath the master cylinder and place some cloth on the surrounding body to protect it from any spilled brake fluid.

6 Unscrew the unions and disconnect the hydraulic fluid pipes from the master cylinder.

7 Unscrew the mounting nuts and withdraw the master cylinder from the servo unit.

Remove the spacer and seal where applicable (see illustration).

9.7 Brake pedal, servo unit and brake master cylinder assembly
9.7 Brake pedal, servo unit and brake master cylinder assembly

8 Remove the master cylinder from the engine compartment, taking care not to spill any hydraulic fluid on the body paintwork.

9 Clean the exterior of the master cylinder with paraffin and wipe dry.

10 If the master cylinder is defective it cannot be overhauled and must be renewed as a unit.

This being the case, remove the reservoir by pulling it free from the rubber grommets, then prise free the grommets from the cylinder.

11 Commence reassembly by smearing the rubber grommets in brake fluid and pressing them into the cylinder, then press the reservoir into the grommets.

12 Refitting the master cylinder is a reversal of the removal procedure. Fit a new mounting seal between the cylinder and servo unit.

13 On completion, bleed the brake hydraulic system.

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