Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Handbrake lever - removal and refitting
Braking system / Handbrake lever - removal and refitting

1 Position a chock each side of the front wheels. Pull the cover from the lever by prising open its bottom edges, then fully release the handbrake.

2 Undo each cable locknut and adjuster nut then disconnect the cables from the compensating lever (see illustration).

13.2 Handbrake assembly
13.2 Handbrake assembly

3 Prise free the lever retaining clamp on the right-hand side, then withdraw the pivot pin and remove the lever.

4 If required, remove the screw from the lever switch, disconnect the wiring and remove the switch.

5 Refitting is a reversal of removal. Lubricate the pivot pin and on completion, adjust the handbrake cables.

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