Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Front suspension - camber adjustment
Suspension and steering / Front suspension - camber adjustment

Early models
1 On early models, front suspension camber adjustment is possible by loosening the two bolts securing the strut to the wheel bearing housing, then turning the eccentric top bolt as required. The position of the eccentric bolt must be accurately marked before removing it, otherwise the camber adjustment will have to be reset.

Later models
2 On later models no adjustment is possible as assembly tolerances have been reduced sufficiently to make any adjustment unnecessary. However, in isolated instances, it may be found that slight correction of the camber angle within 1° or 2° is required. In this case, a special bolt (part no. N 903-334-01) can be obtained from a VW dealer. The bolt shank is of 11 mm diameter instead of the standard 12 mm diameter and allows a small amount of adjustment to be made (see illustration).

3.2 Front suspension camber adjustment bolts for later models
3.2 Front suspension camber adjustment bolts for later models

A Standard 12.0 mm diameter bolt B Special 11.0 mm diameter bolt

3 This special bolt should first be fitted in the top bolt position. If this does not provide sufficient adjustment, the lower bolt should also be changed for the special type. No attempt should be made to reduce the diameter of the original bolts.

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