Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Steering gear check (Every 10 000 miles (15 000 km) or 12 months)
Routine maintenance and servicing / Steering gear check (Every 10 000 miles (15 000 km) or 12 months)

1 Raise the front of the vehicle and securely support it on axle stands (see УJacking and vehicle supportФ).

2 Visually inspect the balljoint dust covers and the steering gear rubber gaiters for splits, chafing or deterioration (see illustration). Any damage to these components will cause loss of lubricant together with dirt and water entry, resulting in rapid deterioration of the balljoints or steering gear.

28.2 Inspect balljoint dust covers
28.2 Inspect balljoint dust covers

3 Grasp the roadwheel at the 9 and 3 oТclock positions and try to rock it. Any movement felt may be caused by wear in the hub bearings or track rod balljoints. If a balljoint is worn, the visual movement will be obvious. If the inner joint is suspect, it can be felt by placing a hand over the steering gear rubber gaiter and gripping the track rod. If the wheel is now rocked, movement will be felt at the inner joint if wear has taken place.

4 With the vehicle standing on its wheels, have an assistant turn the steering wheel back and forth about an eighth of a turn each way.

There should be very little, if any, lost movement between the steering wheel and the roadwheels. If this is not the case, closely observe the joints and mountings previously described, but in addition check for wear of the steering column universal joint and the steering gear itself.

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