Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Front wheel bearing - renewal
Suspension and steering / Front wheel bearing - renewal

1 Remove the wheel bearing housing.

2 If still fitted, undo the cross-head screw and remove the brake disc.

3 Remove the screws and withdraw the splash guard.

4 Support the wheel bearing housing with the hub facing downward and press or drive out the hub by using a suitable mandrel. The bearing inner race will remain on the hub and once removed, it is not possible to re-use the bearing. Use a puller to remove the inner race from the hub.

5 Extract the circlips then, while supporting the wheel bearing housing, press or drive out the bearing by using a mandrel on the outer race.

6 Clean the recess in the housing, then smear it with a little general purpose grease. Where a new wheel bearing kit has been obtained, the kit will contain a sachet of Molypaste. Smear some Molypaste onto the bearing seat (not the bearing).

7 Fit the outer circlip, then support the wheel bearing housing and press or drive in the new bearing by using a metal tube on the outer race only.

8 Fit the inner circlip, ensuring that it is correctly seated.

9 Position the hub with its bearing shoulder facing upward, then press or drive on the bearing and housing by using a metal tube on the inner race only.

10 Refit the splash guard and brake disc, then refit the wheel bearing housing.

11 On completion, lower the vehicle to the ground and tighten the hub nut to the specified torque setting.

12 If the bearings have been renewed, it is advisable to raise the vehicle at the front again after the hub nut has been tightened and check that the front roadwheel and hub can be spun freely without excessive binding or lateral play.

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