Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Steering gear bellows - renewal
Suspension and steering / Steering gear bellows - renewal

1 The steering gear bellows can be removed and refitted with the steering gear unit in situ or removed from the vehicle.

2 Remove the tie-rod outer balljoint or the tie-rod, as applicable. On power steering models, the outer balljoint can be removed from the left and right-hand side tie-rods and there is therefore no need to remove the tie-rod.

3 Unscrew and remove the outer balljoint locknut nut from the tie-rod.

4 Release the retaining clips and withdraw the bellows from the steering gear and tie-rod (see illustration).

14.4 Steering tie-rod bellows and retaining clip
14.4 Steering tie-rod bellows and retaining clip

5 Refit in the reverse order of removal. Smear the inner bore of the bellows with lubricant prior to fitting to ease its assembly. Renew the balljoint locknuts.

6 On completion, check front wheel alignment.

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