Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Steering gear - adjustment
Suspension and steering / Steering gear - adjustment

1 If there is any undue slackness in the steering gear which results in noise or rattles, then the steering gear should be adjusted as follows (see illustration).

16.1 Manual steering gear adjustment screw (arrowed)
16.1 Manual steering gear adjustment screw (arrowed)

2 Raise and support the vehicle at the front end on axle stands (see УJacking and vehicle supportФ).

3 With the wheels in the straight-ahead position, tighten the self-locking adjustment screw by approximately 20∞.

4 Lower the vehicle to the ground then road test the vehicle. If the steering fails to self-centre after cornering, loosen the adjustment screw a fraction at a time until it does.

5 If, when the correct self-centring point is reached, there is still excessive wear in the steering, retighten the adjuster nut a fraction to take up the play.

6 If the above adjustment procedure does not provide satisfactory steering adjustment, then it is probable that the steering gear is worn beyond an acceptable level and it must be removed and overhauled.

7 Remove the steering gear unit.

8 Loosen the adjuster screw locknut then turn the adjustment screw in to the point where the rack can just be moved by hand without binding or sticking (see illustration).

16.8 Power steering gear adjustment Ц use VW tool
16.8 Power steering gear adjustment Ц use VW tool

Retighten the locknut.

9 Refit the steering gear to the vehicle.

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