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Steering gear unit - removal and refitting
Suspension and steering / Steering gear unit - removal and refitting

Modification - power steering gear pinion: From May 1985, the pinch-bolt clamping the intermediate shaft to the steering gear pinion is located approximately 1.0 mm nearer the centre line of the pinion. To identify the modified pinion, a flat is cut opposite the pinch-bolt location. When renewing either of the components separately, it may be necessary to increase the depth of the pinch-bolt recess in the pinion by 1.0 mm so that the two components match. Do not alter the hole in the intermediate shaft (see illustration).

17.0 Power steering gear pinion modification
17.0 Power steering gear pinion modification

a Dimension reduced from 12.1 mm to 11.0 mm A Notch depth increased
B Flat for identification

1 Apply the handbrake, jack up the front of the vehicle and support it on axle stands (see УJacking and vehicle supportФ). Remove the roadwheels.

2 Disconnect the inner ends of the tie-rods.

3 On power steering models, detach the fluid suction hose at the pump unit end by loosening the hose clip, withdrawing the hose from the pump and draining the fluid into a suitable container (see illustration).

17.3 Power steering gear components
17.3 Power steering gear components

4 Disconnect the steering tie-rod outer balljoints.

5 Where applicable, disconnect the gearshift securing bracket from the steering gear.

6 Undo and remove the steering gear pinion-to-lower column joint clamp bolt (see illustration). Prise free the joint shaft bellows and pull the bellows up the shaft for access to the clamp bolt.

17.6 Steering gear pinion-to-lower column joint
17.6 Steering gear pinion-to-lower column joint

7 Undo and remove the steering gear unit retaining clamp nuts and withdraw the clamps. Note that the retaining bolts remain in the subframe (see illustration). If necessary the bolts can be removed by driving them out downwards using a soft metal drift.

17.7 Manual steering gear components
17.7 Manual steering gear components

8 On power steering models, disconnect the pressure and return flow fluid hoses at the union connections to the steering gear unit.

9 To enable the steering unit to be withdrawn, it may be necessary to detach and withdraw the steering column a sufficient amount to enable the pinion shaft to disengage from the lower column joint. Before disengaging the pinion from the lower column joint, it is advisable to make an index mark between the two to ensure correct alignment when refitting.

10 On power steering models, support the weight of the engine/gearbox unit by using a hoist then unscrew and remove the left-hand subframe bolt. Loosen but do not remove the right-hand subframe retaining bolt.

11 On manual steering models, withdraw the steering gear unit through the aperture in the left-hand side wheel arch.

12 On power steering models, remove the steering gear unit from the left side, guiding it past the partially lowered subframe. Plug the power steering fluid hoses whilst the steering gear is removed to prevent the ingress of dirt.

13 Remove the tie-rods from the steering gear.

14 Refitting is a reversal of the removal procedure. All self-locking nuts must be renewed.

15 Lubricate the steering gear rack with steering gear grease before refitting the tie-rods. Adjust the tie-rods when fitting them to the rack.

16 Establish that pinion shaft-to-lower column alignment is correct to ensure that correct steering centralisation is made. If a new steering gear unit is being fitted, centralise the rack and steering column before assembly.

17 Delay tightening all nuts and bolts until the weight of the vehicle is on its suspension.

Check and if necessary, adjust front wheel alignment.

18 On power steering models, unplug the hoses and reservoir cap ventilation hole.

Connect the hoses whilst taking care not to let dirt enter the system. Top-up the system fluid and check for any signs of leakage on completion.

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