Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Power steering fluid - draining and refilling
Suspension and steering / Power steering fluid - draining and refilling

1 To drain fluid from the system, detach the fluid suction hose at the pump unit and drain the fluid into a container for disposal. When draining, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to expel as much fluid as possible.

2 After draining off the fluid, reconnect the suction hose to the pump unit then fill the reservoir to the top with new fluid from a sealed container. Restart the engine and switch off as soon as it fires. Repeat the starting and stopping sequence several times, this will cause fluid to be drawn into the system quickly.

3 Watch the level of fluid and keep adding fluid so that the reservoir is never sucked dry.

When the fluid ceases to drop as a result of the start/stop sequence, start the engine and allow it to run at idling speed.

4 Turn the steering from lock to lock several times, being careful not to leave the wheels on full lock because this will cause pressure in the system to build up.

5 Watch the level of the fluid in the reservoir and add fluid if necessary to keep the level at the MAX mark.

6 When the level stops falling and no more air bubbles appear in the reservoir, switch the engine off and fit the reservoir cap. The level of fluid will rise slightly when the engine is switched off.

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