Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Wheel alignment - checking and adjustment
Suspension and steering / Wheel alignment - checking and adjustment

1 Accurate wheel alignment is essential for good steering and slow tyre wear. Alignment details are given in Specifications and can be accurately checked by a suitably equipped garage. However, front wheel alignment gauges can be obtained from most motor accessory stores and used as follows.

2 Check that the vehicle is only loaded to kerbside weight, with a full fuel tank and the tyres correctly inflated.

3 Position the vehicle on level ground with the wheels straight-ahead, then roll the vehicle backwards 4.0 m and forwards again.

4 Using a wheel alignment gauge in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, check that the front wheel toe dimension is as specified. If adjustment is necessary, loosen the balljoint-to-tie-rod locknut on the right-hand side and turn the tie-rod as required, then retighten the locknut.

Note that the left-hand tie-rod is set at the specified length - see illustration 15.11. Its setting should not be changed.

5 Although the camber angle of the front wheels can be adjusted, this is a task best entrusted to your VW dealer.

6 The castor angle is not adjustable. As with the camber angle, is best checked by your VW dealer.

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