Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Door striker - adjustment
Bodywork and fittings / Door striker - adjustment

1 Mark round the door striker with a pencil or fine ballpoint pen (see illustration).

17.1 Door striker
17.1 Door striker

2 Fit a spanner to the hexagon on the striker and unscrew the striker about one turn so that it moves when tapped with a soft-headed hammer.

3 If the door has been rattling, tap the striker towards the inside of the vehicle.

4 If the door fits too tightly, tap the striker towards the outside of the vehicle.

5 At all times, be careful to keep the striker in the same horizontal line unless it also requires vertical adjustment. Only move the striker a small amount at a time. The actual amount moved can be checked by reference to the marks made before the striker was loosened.

6 When a position has been found in which the door closes firmly but without difficulty, then tighten the striker.

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