Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Sunroof - removal, refitting and adjustment
Bodywork and fittings / Sunroof - removal, refitting and adjustment

1 Half open the sunroof then prise off the five steel trim clips.

2 Close the sunroof and push the trim to the rear.

3 Unscrew the guide screws from the front of the sunroof and remove the guides (see illustration).

28.3 Sunroof components
28.3 Sunroof components

4 Disengage the leaf springs from the rear guides by pulling them inwards.

5 Remove the screws and withdraw the rear support plates.

6 Lift the sunroof from the vehicle.

7 To refit the sunroof, locate it in the aperture and fit the front guides.

8 With the sunroof closed and correctly aligned, fit the rear guides and leaf springs.

9 For correct adjustment, the front edge of the sunroof must be level with, or a maximum of 1.0 mm below, the roof panel. The rear edge must be level with, or a maximum of 1.0 mm above, the roof panel (see illustration).

28.9 Sunroof adjustment dimensions
28.9 Sunroof adjustment dimensions

10 To adjust the front edge of the sunroof, loosen the front guide screws and turn the adjustment screws as necessary, then tighten the guide screws.

11 To adjust the rear edge, detach the leaf springs, loosen the slotted screws and move the sunroof as necessary in the serrations.

Tighten the screws and refit the leaf springs after making the adjustment.

12 Refit the trim with the clips.

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