Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Oil pressure warning switches - testing
Body electrical systems / Oil pressure warning switches - testing

1 Some models are equipped with an optical and acoustic oil pressure warning system. This system incorporates two oil pressure switches, a 0.3 bar switch with brown insulation on the cylinder head and a 1.8 bar switch with white insulation on the oil filter head.

2 On starting the engine, as soon as the oil pressure rises above 0.3 bar, the oil pressure warning light will go out. At engine speeds above 2000 rpm, the high pressure switch comes into operation and should the oil pressure drop below 1.8 bar, the oil warning light will come on and the buzzer will sound.

3 Testing each switch should be done by substitution. Little can be done by way of maintenance and your VW dealer should be consulted if the system malfunctions.

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