Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Method of engine removal
Engine repair procedures - 1.05 and 1.3 litre pre August 1985 / Method of engine removal

1 The engine, together with the gearbox, must be lifted from the engine compartment and the engine separated from the gearbox on the bench. Two people will be needed.

2 A hoist of 150 kg capacity will be needed to lift the engine approximately 1 metre. If the hoist is not portable, then sufficient room must be left behind the vehicle to push it back out of the way so that the engine may be lowered. Blocks will be needed to support the engine after removal.

3 Ideally the vehicle should be over a pit. If this is not possible then the body must be supported on axle stands (see УJacking and vehicle supportФ) so that the front wheels may be turned to undo the driveshaft nuts. The left-hand shaft is accessible from above but the right-hand shaft must be undone from underneath. Removal of the gearshift linkage can only be done from underneath, as can removal of the exhaust pipe bracket. When all tasks are complete, lower the vehicle back onto its wheels.

4 A set of splined keys will be required to remove and refit the socket-head bolts used to secure certain items, such as the cylinder head bolts.

5 Draining of oil and coolant is best done away from the working area if possible. This saves the mess made by spilled oil in the place where you must work.

6 If an air conditioning system is fitted, observe the precautions listed in Chapter 3.

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