Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Intensive maintenance
Routine maintenance and servicing / Intensive maintenance

1 If, from the time the vehicle is new, the routine maintenance schedule is followed closely, and frequent checks are made of fluid levels and high-wear items, as suggested throughout this Manual, the engine will be kept in relatively good running condition, and the need for additional work will be minimised.

2 It is possible that there will be times when the engine is running poorly due to the lack of regular maintenance. This is even more likely if a used vehicle, which has not received regular and frequent maintenance checks, is purchased. In such cases, additional work may need to be carried out, outside of the regular maintenance intervals.

3 If engine wear is suspected, a compression test will provide valuable information regarding the overall performance of the main internal components. Such a test can be used as a basis to decide on the extent of the work to be carried out. If, for example, a compression test indicates serious internal engine wear, conventional maintenance as described in this Chapter will not greatly improve the performance of the engine, and may prove a waste of time and money, unless extensive overhaul work is carried out first.

4 The following series of operations are those most often required to improve the performance of a generally poor-running engine:
Primary operations
a) Clean, inspect and test the battery b) Check all the engine-related fluids c) Check the condition and tension of the auxiliary drivebelt
d) Renew the spark plugs e) Inspect the distributor cap and HT leads - as applicable
f) Check the condition of the air cleaner filter element, and renew if necessary g) Renew the fuel filter (if fitted) h) Check the condition of all hoses, and check for fluid leaks
i) Check the idle speed and mixture settings - as applicable
5 If the above operations do not prove fully effective, carry out the following secondary operations:
Secondary operations
a) Check the charging system b) Check the ignition system c) Check the fuel system d) Renew the distributor cap and rotor arm - as applicable
f) Renew the ignition HT leads - as applicable

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