Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Sump - refitting
Engine repair procedures - 1.05 and 1.3 litre pre August 1985 / Sump - refitting

1 If applicable (ie. the engine has been dismantled), refit the crankshaft rear oil seal and housing.

2 Clean the mating faces of the sump and cylinder block.

3 Locate the new gasket on the block (see illustration) then fit the sump. Insert the sump bolts and tighten them evenly in diagonal sequence to the specified torque. If required, the two bolts at the flywheel end of the sump can be replaced by socket-headed bolts to facilitate their removal with the engine in the vehicle. Note that the tightening torque for the replacement bolts is 8 Nm (6 Ibf ft).

32.3 Fitting sump gasket
32.3 Fitting sump gasket

4 If the engine is in the vehicle, replenish it with oil, fasten the alternator wire to the sump clip and lower the vehicle to the ground.

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