Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Engine - adjustments after major overhaul
Engine repair procedures - 1.05 and 1.3 litre pre August 1985 / Engine - adjustments after major overhaul

1 With the engine/gearbox unit fitted to the vehicle, make a final check to ensure that everything has been reconnected and that no rags or tools have been left in the engine compartment.

2 If new pistons or crankshaft bearings have been fitted, turn the carburettor engine speed screw in about half a turn to compensate for the initial tightness of the new components.

3 Fully pull out the choke (manual choke models) and start the engine. This may take a little longer than usual as the fuel pump and carburettor float chamber may be empty.

4 As soon as the engine starts, push in the choke to the detent. Check that the oil pressure light goes out.

5 Check the oil filter, fuel hoses and coolant hoses for leaks.

6 Run the engine to normal operating temperature, then adjust the slow running (idle).

7 If new pistons or crankshaft bearings have been fitted, the engine must be run-in for the first 500 miles (750 km). Do not operate the engine at full throttle or allow the engine to labour in any gear.

8 Although not strictly essential, it is good practice to change the engine oil and filter after the initial running-in period. This will get rid of the small metallic particles which are produced by new components bedding in to each other.

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