Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Camshaft - removal
Engine repair procedures - 1.05 and 1.3 litre post August 1985 / Camshaft - removal

1 Unscrew the nuts and bolts from the valve cover and remove the cover together with the gasket and reinforcement strips.

2 Turn the engine until the indentation in the camshaft sprocket appears in the TDC hole in the timing cover and the notch in the crankshaft pulley is aligned with the TDC pointer on the front of the oil pump. Now turn the crankshaft one quarter of a turn anti-clockwise so that none of the pistons are at TDC.

3 Unbolt and remove the timing cover, noting that the dipstick tube and earth lead are fitted to the upper bolts. On some later 1.3 litre models, it is necessary to remove the crankshaft pulley to remove the lower timing belt cover.

4 Loosen the coolant pump retaining bolts, then turn the pump body clockwise to release the tension from the timing belt. Remove the timing belt from the camshaft sprocket.

5 Devise a method to prevent the camshaft turning and remove the sprocket bolt (see illustration). Remove the camshaft sprocket and where applicable, the Woodruff key.

4.5 Two lengths of metal used to lock camshaft sprocket
4.5 Two lengths of metal used to lock camshaft sprocket

6 The camshaft bearing caps must be refitted in their original locations and the same way round. They are usually numbered but mark them if necessary, to ensure correct refitting.

7 Remove bearing caps Nos 5, 1 and 3, in that order. Now undo the nuts holding 2 and 4 in a diagonal pattern and the camshaft will lift them up as the pressure of the valve springs is exerted. When they are free, lift the caps off.

8 If the caps are stuck, give them a sharp tap with a soft-faced mallet to loosen them. Do not try to lever them off with a screwdriver.

9 Lift out the camshaft complete with the oil seal.

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