Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2 manual

Oil pump - removal and examination
Engine repair procedures - 1.05 and 1.3 litre post August 1985 / Oil pump - removal and examination

Note: The oil pump can be removed with the engine still in the vehicle 1 Drain the engine oil.

2 Disconnect the exhaust downpipe and the inboard end of the right-hand driveshaft to permit sump removal.

3 Remove the sump.

4 If it is only desired to check backlash in the pump gears, this can be done by removing the cover and strainer assembly from the back of the pump (see illustration).

7.4 Oil pump components
7.4 Oil pump components

5 Check backlash and axial play against the specified tolerances (see illustrations).

7.5a Checking oil pump backlash
7.5a Checking oil pump backlash

7.5b Checking oil pump axial play
7.5b Checking oil pump axial play

6 If the tolerances are exceeded then the oil pump must be renewed.

7 To remove the pump, first remove the following components:
a) Camshaft drivebelt (timing belt) b) Alternator drivebelt
c) Crankshaft pulley
d) Lower timing belt cover e) Front cover and TDC setting bracket 8 If they are still in position, remove the bolts holding the rear stay bracket.

9 Remove the two bolts holding the pump to the cylinder block.

10 This will release the tension on the chain and allow the pump to be removed.

11 If sufficient slack in the chain cannot be achieved by this method, then slide the pump, chain and crankshaft drive sprocket forward together.

12 Check the chain and teeth of the drive sprockets and renew any parts which are worn.

13 If a new pump is being fitted, renew all associated parts at the same time.

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